ELECTRO TRANSFORMERS(an ISO 9001-2008 certified company) was established in the year 1998. The company is situated at Muzaffarnagar,UP.It is a partnership, S.S.I unit registered with the Deptt. of Industries for manufacturing of Current & Potential Transformers, CT-PT combined units, Metering Cubicles and Manufacturing & repairing of Electrical Distribution and Power Transformers.

ELECTRO TRANSFORMERS is a fast growing company in the transformer industry. The company has a reputation for quality which characterizes every facet of its products and services. It has achieved this through constant innovation and significant differentiation for its customers by providing solutions, low cost production and on time delivery. Since its foundation in 1998, ELECTRO TRANSFORMERS has made an impact in the industry and its products are being regularly Type Tested in diffrent Goeverment laboratories / NABL approved labaratories like CPRI, ERDA and NTH etc.